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You might want to think about signing up with the best blog hosting service provider despite the trend among other marketers who rather choose to have their ads directly linked to the vendor’s site. The main benefit here is that if you have the best hosting site for your blog, you could have guaranteed clientele. You have higher chances of building high traffic and accumulate clicks that result to actual purchase. The question still begs though – which blog host out there could be beneficial?

First of all, not all online marketers are lucky enough to find a vendor who could provide his or her affiliates with their own blog site. If you are one of these affiliate marketers, you better take a look at these providers both contending for the title of the best blog hosting service provider hosting review website:

Google Blogger
Its claim to fame is being definitely one of the easiest and foremost blog site providers to learn and use. It is preferred by majority of beginning blog users, whether for creating personal online journals or for affiliate marketing. It has very simple features. For one, it has ready-made eye catching templates. You could post text, photos and videos from the web or your mobile phone with or without HTML commands.

On the other hand, it is regarded the best blog hosting service for a lot of people because it enables upgrades over time of usage. You could add other free features such as video clips, polls, Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds, newsreels, site counter, among others. In addition, what makes it an extremely popular blogging platform is that it is for free. From acquiring a blog site to your domain name, you can have it all for added cost.

Its setup requires only minutes. All you will need is a Google account, whether from or other free email service. Log in to with such account, and create title for your blog and choose blog template. Then you can start creating your posts.
This one is considered to be the best blog hosting service provider for its highly optimized features for monetizing purposes of blogging. Major users of this provider include CNN, UK Prime Minister and B5Media Inc. It has quite a few plug-ins that are not present with the previous best hosting site. For one, a particular blog site has an entire segment accessible to paid members exclusively. This then presents you the opportunity to get close to affluent clientele.

You are also enabled to customize your site very uniquely as you do not have to solely rely on the pre-set templates provided by the site. This being said, you are in full control of the aesthetics and technical specs of your blog site. Then again, this kind of ‘online freedom’ is not for free. Its free version is known as the, which in turn does not allow ads with use of the likes of Google AdWords or Yahoo! Advertising Network.

Both these providers have proven their worth in terms of being the best hosting site in their own right. They clearly have their own pros and cons. They can both be monetized. Thus, it is now up to you to decide which one is the best blog hosting service provider that suits your needs and capability.