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Male Infertility and How to Increase Sperm Count With Chinese Medicine


Infertility In Men

Food & Lifestyle Recommendations Towards Better Health Introducing Chinese Medicine and Fertility Concepts

Chinese Medicine utilizes a holistic approach to health and wellbeing, viewing disease or disorder as being a disharmony in your human body’s normal balance. To help you participate in your own healing or balancing process I’ve written this leaflet to explain a few of those simple terms Chinese Medicine practitioners use to describe health, how in which the human body works and the way they relate to upping your chances to conceive a wholesome child.

Vitamins & Supplements  CBD Dropshipping  vitamin nutritional supplements are of use where deficiencies occur. But some vitamins and vitamin supplements may lead to toxicity in high doses, therefore it’s sensible to speak to a medical care practitioner before opting for a regimen of vitamins.

Crucial Vitamins & Supplements

To Increase Sperm Fertility

Vitamin-c: Can Be the anti-oxidant. It helps reduce agglutination problems and boost semen count. It is a particularly important supplement for smokers.

Zinc: will help increase sperm fertility. However be careful of gas deficiency with long term use.

Co enzyme Q-10: Helps increase sperm count and motility by acting as an anti-oxidant.

Flaxseed oil is a great source of the great fatty acids you desire for fertility (ALA), especially if you have dry scaly skin, dry hair as well as varicose veins. An excellent omega3 fish oil is adequate, but search for the one that is excellent quality lead/mercury/heavy metal free as large sea fish can consume a lot of metals and toxins in their flesh. In case in addition, it has Omega 6 added, don’t obtain it as we already get far enough out of drinking oils etc and an excessive amount of omega 6 may potentiate inflammatory processes.

Tribulus: Again, maybe not all supplements are created equal therefore it’s always good to go for top quality. There are a lot of inexpensive ripoff imitations of tribulus & most are targeted toward human body building etc.. It took me some time to return to recommending this supplement yet for a few men it will be beneficial. Recent studies have revealed that this has turned out to be a very useful herb for both sperm morphology, particularly enhancing sperm acrosomes and their penetration skill.

Environment, Toxins & Chemicals There is a great deal of modern research that affirms that the declining sperm fertility in young males with the increase in use and vulnerability to toxic compounds, heavy metals, pollutants and pesticides and heat. Certain compounds within plastics can mimic natural human compounds causing imbalances and links have been made to infertility in women and men. As a result of the predominant usage of fertilizers, pesticides and hormones in ordinary agricultural practice it really is preferable to eat organic fruit, meat and veggies. Basic tips are: buy non-mercury tooth fillings, avoid pesticide exposure, use BPA free plastics and also stay clear of microwaving food in plastic containers.

Drugs & Alcohol Alcohol in Oriental medical terms causes heat, which raises your body temperature and leads to sperm. Studies with animals have also shown that an intoxicating amount of alcohol in the blood reduces fertility by around 50 percent on a 24-hour period. A glass 2 a day isn’t going to hurt unless you are hot and sweaty during the night during intercourse which is a fantastic indication to cut down.

THC in marijuana was proven to drastically reduce the creation of semen and inhibits the binding of the sperm to an egg.

Smoking has been demonstrated in studies to decrease the capability of conception by 16-20percent in men.

Coffee has a stimulating and warming effect on the body and can also be unproductive into the fertile process.

Certain drugs such as pain-killers can have a negative effect on fertility so it is best to consult your GP when trying to conceive.

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